#43 North America College Radio Charts (Fall 2018)

1. Rock the Chandeliers

2. Confetti and Beachballs

3. Down the Garden Path

4. Perverse (2018)

5. Superhuman

6. Lost in Light

7. Fork in the Outlet

8. Thru the Keyhole

9. Man on the Moon

10. Trippin' on the High Horse

New Album

“Rock the Chandeliers”

CD Available Now!

$10.00 USD (Plus S&H) Autographed

(Canada & continental US only at this time)

Also available for download/streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Apple, Spotify and iHeartRadio!

Rock the Chandeliers shows off Curtis Newart’s uncanny ability to create catchy hooks, with a totally surreal funhouse spirit...
— Beach Sloth
...between (Rock the Chandeliers’) retro vibes are some smooth and deft modern musical motifs, unexpected dynamic breaks and a beat that is both skittering and groovesome yet direct and unfussy.
...(Newart) has a knack for making hits.